Product Examples

Cross Hole Drilling Machine

This is a “Cross Hole Drilling Machine” or “Second Operation Machine”, a four-station rotary transfer type machine.  Shown here, the machine is set up for drilling a .040″ diameter hole through a small insulator.  Overall dimensions of the insulator are: .110″ diameter by .130″ long.  In this application the machine operates in continuous mode automatically cycling approximately every 3.5 seconds.  The operator is presented an empty fixture to load manually.  After placing the part in the fixture the machine indexes and presents another empty fixture for the operator to load again.  Station 2 is where the drilling occurs.  A drill spindle mounted horizontally to a precision vertical slide automatically rapids forward and feeds the drill into the part.  The precision slide allows changes to the vertical hole location when the machine is changed over to a different part.  Station 3 in this application is left blank for future addition of a spindle or other type of equipment.  Station 4 is used to eject the finished part from the machine and into a collection container outside of the guarded area.

Front View: "Operator Location"

Overall machine dimensions are: 36.0″ x 36.0″ x 42.0″ high.  Powered by 220VAC 3 phase @ 15A and compressed air supplied at 85 p.s.i.  The control box located on the right side houses a PLC, main disconnect, 110VAC transformer, 2 hand anti-tie down controls, 24VDC power supply, pushbutton operators and switches.  Full guarding extends across the front, sides and back with full access doors on top.

Rear View: "Station 2"

Precision vertical slide shown on left.  Drill spindle center top uses a 3 phase 220VAC motor for spinning the drill and pneumatic power for feeding.  A “Hydro Check” controls the drill feed rate and two separate adjustments control the rapid advance and retract rate.  Upper right side shows part clamp and lower right shows support/air purge to aid in chip removal.

Front View "Station 2"

View showing drill advancing to part and part clamp above.  View also shows full guarding and filler guards located on the dial plate.  Tooling blocks allow quick fixture changes and vertical stop adjustment.  Cycle rate approximately 1,000 parts per hour.  Cycle rate can be slowed down for more complicated parts with no programming changes (externally adjusted).