Actual Designs

Below are examples of some of the special machines that we have produced.  If you are in the market for a new machine or would like to automate, update or rebuild an existing machine, please consider Coco Engineering.  In addition to our services we can provide machine guarding for older machines or machines not equipped.  On-site assembly and installation can be provided or pick up and delivery of machines can be arranged.

25mm Syringe Filter Assembly Machine

Fully automatic assembly of upper and lower plastic housing 1, filter media die-cut and insert up to 5 layers, ultrasonic welding, media inspection, package integrity testing, printing, SPC sample, good/bad or scrap sorting.  Full machine guarding.  Operator interface panel with: instructions, test pre-setting values & error messages.  Ten-station rotary transfer type machine on rugged, epoxy painted, steel machine base.  Part to part cycle rate of 3.3 seconds.

Ten-Spindle Drilling Machine

Automatic drilling of 4 holes & 4 chamfers in stainless steel part.  Two through holes .089″ dia. with chamfers on both sides.  One hole .091″ dia. half way through part.  One hole .088″ dia. x 1.00″ deep.  Vibratory bowl feed of parts.  Eight-station rotary transfer type machine on epoxy painted steel machine base.  Part to part cycle rate of 8 seconds.

Medical Device Handle Assembly Machine

Semi-automatic assembly of medical device handle.  Press fit of cap, handle and stainless steel tip.  Precision alignment of handle and tip.  Four-station rotary transfer type machine on anodized aluminum base plate.  Bench top size machine, fully guarded.  Cycle rate of approximately 20 seconds (operator dependent).