Product Examples

Disk Punch Machine

Over-All Views:

Front View: "Operator Location"

Material enters the machine from two reels on the left side, through a series of rollers equipped with material “out” sensors to align the material prior to welding. Welding takes place between the weld horn and the large wheel. Next in line is the weld feeder which keeps tension between the drive roller and weld horn. Between the weld feeder and the punch press is a “dancing roller” that detects slack or tension in the welded material. The material then passes through the punch press where the disks are punched out and through the press feeder which accurately indexes the material between punch strokes. Lastly the material passes through the right side of the machine to a take up reel which rolls up the waste.

Left View: "Material Input, Weld and Weld Feed Station"

Shown here, the machine is set up for ultra-sonic welding of two layers of material. The layers are welded on four very narrow lines over a guided wheel.  Overall width of the material is 2-3/8″ and the thickness is approximately 1/32″ combined. 

Right View "Punch and Punch Feed Station"