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Welcome to Coco Engineering, Inc.

Since 1986 Coco Engineering, Inc. has been providing precision CNC machine work for customers who demand exacting quality at an affordable cost. Our ability to exceed these requirements on a consistent basis has earned us a reputation of being an outstanding supplier of machined parts for all types of industry.

Precision CNC machine shop services.

Coco Engineering, Inc. provides precision CNC machine shop services ranging from prototypes to short and long production runs. We have experience in a wide range of industries including: aerospace, medical, laser, biomedical, optical, acoustical, automotive, filtration, communications, etc. We also machine a wide range of materials including: aluminum, stainless steel, high and low carbon steel, tool steels, brass, copper, titanium, invar, acrylic, delrin, teflon, polycarbonate, peek, rulon and kynar to name only a few. We stock approximately 10,000 pounds of material all on computerized inventory.

We also manufacture automated equipment and special machines as well as tooling and fixturing for manual assembly of prototypes and production runs. Our capabilities range from building turn-key systems to simple inexpensive semi-automatic machines. We build all types of machines including: assembly systems, metal working, second operation, and assembly machines which incorporate many types of assembly technology including ultrasonic welders, presses, dispensers, screw feeders, etc.

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We invite you to view pictures of our latest “Disk Punch” machine.